A Collaborative work space for Music Teachers and their students

Our aim is to transform online learning into the premium way to learn.

Today’s online music teaching experience is far poorer than “the real thing.” It lacks the tools to take full advantage of the opportunities that the digital medium affords.

The typical setup for online teaching today is awkward and slow. Both teacher and student pile up audio or video files over here, and emails or texts full of comments over there. And then struggle to swap back-and-forth between the two.

For both teacher and student, the process feels frustrating and inefficient. Meaning is lost. And time is wasted. For the teacher, every hour of recording seems to create two hours of work. Many “teachable moments” are lost, because neither side can bother to nitpick when the process is so painful. But add up all those lost opportunities, and learning slows down.

For teachers, the worst part is you need to reinvent the wheel with every student. You encounter some of the same basic mistakes, over and over, from one student to the next. But you need to regurgitate your expertise each time. You fantasize of compiling a library of “teachable moments”, from past students, to use as examples the next time the same mistake arises. But who has time for that?

Sound Space makes that fantasy real and simple.

Never exchange files again. Instead, upload every recording to your private studio, and build that library of expertise one lesson at a time. Every recording becomes its own soundspace, where you can log comments, make moment-perfect annotations, and tag the snippets you want to find again.

Never flip back and forth between recording and comments again. Instead, anchor those comments directly to the specific moment you mean, right in the soundspace. So you show your student, and they see and hear, exactly the moment you mean.

Never lose a teachable moment again. Instead, tag it. So that the next time you cross the same mistake, you can instantly browse your growing library to find and show examples of the same mistake. Stop regurgitating, and start reusing, your expertise.

Now, suddenly, every student you take on, every recording within that learning relationship, makes your lesson library that much richer. It makes the value of your online offering that much greater. And it reduces the amount of time you’ll spend teaching any concept you have taught before. So that the more you teach online, the faster your students learn, and the more effective a coach you become.

Too many teachable moments are trapped inside the teacher. Sound Space transforms them into a valuable, living library of your expertise. And you hold the key.

We would love your help to make this the best platform for you to engage your students online. Sign up for free, try it out and give us your honest feedback.

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