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Turn every song, interview, podcast and meeting into its own shared sound space. Annotate instants. Tag the best moments.
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Upload any music, speech, interview, meeting or other audio track.


Invite students or colleagues into a new, private soundspace


Pin annotations right onto the track. Focus attention to the moments that matter

Use Cases

Voice Talent

Get feedback on your projects

Record your voice track. Upload it and invite your clients into the soundspace. Get feedback on the moments they love and hate and why. At a glance, you all see where to focus efforts first.
Share and annotate voice projects with your editor
Music Teachers

Give Feedback to a Student

Build and share your personal library of “teachable moments” from your own sound collection. Upload student lessons or rehearsals, pin your comments onto the precise “teachable moment”, and focus your feedback onto those moments.
Get students to upload their songs for review

Collaborate on a song or a jingle

Record your track. Upload it and invite your team into the soundspace. Highlight the moments you love and hate and why. At a glance, you all see where to focus attention first.
Share a track with band members

Get feedback on your next TED Talk

Working to refine the delivery of your big on-stage moment? Get moment-perfect feedback from your coach on the tone you used with this phrase, the emphasis you should give to that word, and the benefits of saying this paragraph slower.
Get feedback from peers before your talk
Journalists & Authors

Annotate every interview

Researching an article or book? Upload each interview into its own soundspace. Pin your observations to the moments that inspired them. Build a library of “quotable moments” across your interview collection, so you can quickly find them later.
Share and annotate interviews with your editor

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Collaborate Remotely

Improve your remote workflow

We built this web app to help those who work with audio files collaborate remotely.

“I can now provide help to my music students remotely. It's simply amazing.”

“I love being able to pin comments to specific moments in my interviews!”

Insights from our Team

Discover how you can use Sound Space to add another layer to your music, speech, and interview process.
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