Why the world needs Soundspace

Every day we are capturing more audio and video. But we only use a fraction of its potential. We save it. We share it. We consume it.

But we do not unpack it.

Where do we capture feedback? Where do we tag and organize and annotate the moments that matter, the moments we want to come back to, the teachable moments, the quotable moments, the moments that need more discussion, coaching, improvement or analysis? Where do we collaborate on it?

And don’t say Twitter.

What we need is a soundspace — a space where we can unpack what happened, and do more with every useful moment.

Until that soundspace exists, we are going to lose more and more opportunity, everyday.

We are going to lose more time. Ask any teacher or personal coach, who tries to create lessons for their clients via video or audio recordings. Audio files over here. Comments over there. Every hour of recording creates two hours of work. And there are only 24 hours in a day, so it’s hard to grow that kind of business.

We are going to lose more detail. Every coach knows: the more specific your feedback can be, the faster students learn. But when we can’t unpack the files we’ve captured and point to the precise moments that matter, details get lost. Learning slows down.

And we are going to lose more data. Evidence. And Intellectual property.

We spoke recently with a music therapist, who uses music to help people with severe disabilities to learn and grow. With every session, she could be adding to a library of best practices, of teachable moments, of evidence that one day might open doors to — who knows? A PhD. A big grant. A big difference in the world.

But the simple, easy-to-use tool that she and her patients could use to capture lessons from every session doesn't exist. And so that evidence doesn't exist either.

We want to make it so easy to unpack audio and video, that we never again lose track of a moment worth coming back to.

Our team is just starting this journey and we would love your help to make it better. Sign up for free, try it out and give us your honest feedback.

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