Pricing Plans

Simple pricing plans for you, free accounts for those you collaborate with.

Start with the Solo plan. Scale up to a Professional or Team plan if you need it.


The plan to start with for most users.
Get Started
10 GB Storage
100 MB audio files
Unlimited bandwidth
Share each playlist with up to 10 collaborators
Unlimited playlists and tracks up to your storage limit


Upgrade to larger files and higher audio quality.
Get Started
50 GB Storage
500 MB audio files
Share each playlist with up to 20 collaborators


For Teams and Bands that work together.
Coming Soon
Includes 3 Professional accounts
Shared storage
Share each playlist with up to 50 collaborators
$30/mo for each additional user account
Single billing account


Free for those you share playlists and tracks with.

Frequently asked questions.

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Is there a trial period?

Solo and Team plans have a 30 day free trial period. Collaborator accounts are free forever.

Do larger teams attract a discount?

We are currently working on a Team plan, this will allow artists to work together on projects easily as well as share storage/bandwidth at a reduced prices.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We only accept payment via credit card.

Do I need a credit card to start the free trial?

Nope! Get started without adding a credit card. We'll request one from your after your trial ends.

What happens when I reach my Storage Limit

We'll notify you if you've reached your storage limit. If this continues for consecutive months, we'll automatically add a Storage pack.

What's a Storage Pack?

This pack increases your storage limit by the same amount as your existing plan for an additional $9/month.

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